The efficiency of organizations depends heavily on the good investment of their resources and there is no doubt that the human resource is the most valuable resource in the organization and with the large size of organization increased awareness of the importance of the role of human resource and the adoption of talented them . and organizations have become to consider their employees as a source of competitive advantage ,and the result for these changes is the need to transform the managment of personnal affairs to transform the managment of personnal affairs to the modern human resources managment system ,and therefore we strive to ensure the quality of managment consulting to provide a range of advisory services the following

  • preparation of policies and procedurea manual
  • Analysis design and classification of jobs
  • career planning and development
  • planning of human resources needs
  • prepare a job description manual
  • preparation the of the Murals Guide
  • preparing the executive and internal bylaws
  • preparation of organizational structures
  • Developing the system of recruitment selection and recruitment
  • Design and development of incentive systems benefits and services

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