What is Food Safety Management ISO 22000

The growth in production is increasing day by day, and there are many companies depend on food production and processing for hotels, restaurants, resorts, and some agriculture-based industries that focus on the safety of the foodstuffs they deal with. Obtaining the certificate helps companies reduce their risks in food processing and increase the safety of the food.

About ISO 22000

Benefits Of ISO 22000 Certificate

ISO 9001 certification provides evidence to customers, suppliers, employees, and their community of our continuous commitment to producing quality products and providing customer satisfaction.

Food Safety

Quality, reliability and legality are assured, while continuous delivery of products that meet customer requirements are guaranteed.

Risk analysis

Potential risks are effectively, fast and dynamic controlled.

Increase profits

Correct problems and improve your organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

How to get the certificate

How To Implement ISO 22000

There are three stages that business organizations seeking to obtain ISO 22000 certification must apply, and the organization must apply them with perfection and success in order to obtain the certificate and achieve its goal.


Preparation stage for registration

In this stage of we prepare the conditions and working environment to become compatible with the requirements of the certificate.


The stage of obtaining the certificate

It is at this stage that the certificate is obtained.


The stage after obtaining the certificate

When the organization obtains the certificate, it must maintain the level it achieved , so the company granting the certificate checks the quality management system through visits.


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